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Doing. Simple. Better.

   Jen Rivas

Talk about feeling overwhelmed!  Changing our lifestyle seemed so daunting and stressful!  Jen was there every step of the way to help unfold the transition and make it seem so easy and doable!  I especially LOVED the meal plans with the easy to follow shopping lists!     ~Jess B.

Just one more thing. 

Because I know that a big part of being a parent is figuring out what to feed our family.


If you are tired of the 5pm grind and forever wondering "What's for dinner?", then you will LOVE my latest digital cookbook,

The Simple Way to Cook (Gluten & Dairy Free)

with 50+ recipes that include all my favorites (pancakes, bread, tacos, cookies and more)


Most recipes require only 20 minutes of prep time or less and have common ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. 




Simple ingredients

Easy recipes

All the Flavor


  1. Taken directly from my book, The Spice Bible, Spice Rack 101- 15 commonly used spices you should have on hand and what to pair them with.  Perfect for the beginner cook!  Never lack ideas or flavor in your dishes again.        

  2. A collection of my 21 Favorite Smoothie Recipes that are easy to make, kids love them, and are all incredibly healthy.

  3. 7 Ridiculously Easy & Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love.  This mini recipe book is jammed packed with flavor and has all our family favorites (all under 5 ingredients).  

  4. My video "How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies & Love Them- Today!"        

  5. A handy Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pantry Checklist to get you started.      

  6. Access to 100+ videos (both easy GF recipes & nutrition guidance) to watch during your newly acquired free time!        


This total package is worth over $675!   You pay ONLY $27!

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