From one busy Mom to the next, this site is dedicated to"...helping you finally find that realistic balance of health and happiness  for you and your family!  All while saving you tons of time & stress.

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Hey there!
Let me guess....
  • You wish you had more time to meal prep & cook healthier meals

  • ​You feel guilty every time you go through the drive-through instead of making a home-cooked dinner

  • You're overwhelmed and stressed from trying to figure out what you should or shouldn't be feeding yourself and your kids

  • You lack confidence and know-how when it comes to cooking for your family

  • ​Your child's diet consists of chicken fingers, mac & cheese and pizza.

  • You worry about some of your child's recurring "issues" and know there is a deeper problem 

  • You've tried allll the fads, but nothing sticks

  • You want more energy and are tired of feeling tired

Here are 3 Lies that kept me stuck for a long time:

Lie #1  Meal Prep takes hours!

It doesn't have to take 6 hours on a Sunday, it shouldn't even take 2 hours.  My time-saving strategies  will allow you to meal prep and get on with your day!

Lie #2  I need a Culinary degree

I never enjoyed cooking and wasn't really good at it either. Simple recipes, with a few key ingredients, changed everything.  Step by step videos and outlines allow me to be your guide in the kitchen. 

Lie #3  My Kids won't eat it

Reducing the addiction to processed and sugar-laden foods is a real struggle.  If I can do it, you can too.  With my best tips and tricks your kids will be loving food that is actually good for them.

Food sensitivities and allergies along with autoimmune diseases are becoming increasingly more common.  I have parents approach me all the time about issues that they or their little ones are struggling with.  Unfortunately, they are swimming in overwhelm amongst a sea of internet information and not sure where to start.  Let's cut through the noise and start the healing! 


Why me?  Check out My Story here.  I believe in the power of a heavy plant based lifestyle, however, I also believe that there is no "one-size fits all" journey to optimal health.


I'm passionate about helping you achieve your biggest and wildest dreams and goals...let's get started!