Are you READY to make HUGE SHIFTS in this upcoming year?


This 6 week Intensive Coaching Program will do just that!

I take the time to discover what goals, changes and shifts you want to make for yourself when it comes to mindset, time, health and everything in between.

We get to work right away on tackling your biggest goals by breaking it down into “bite-size” pieces so by the end of the 6 weeks you are feeling like a new person and are seeing changes in yourself both physically and mentally.

On our weekly calls (1 hr each-6 in total) we revisit the goals we set, see if we need to work through anything that is keeping you stuck, create a new plan and go over any tips and strategies for the upcoming week.

If you so choose, the calls can be done via Zoom or Skype to help with cooking techniques and/or how-to demonstrations. You get to control where we go on this journey!

Personalized meal plans are created to help you achieve your goals along with weekly emails to recap what you set out to accomplish for that week.

I'm available 24/7 via email and/or messenger with any questions, concerns or just for moral support and accountability. I will guarantee a response within 24 hours.


The Choice is Yours

1)  You can continue to figure it out on your own and hope you get it right. 

Just keep doing what you are doing. Allow things to be as they are. 


But here's my question to you- If your life, health, and eating habits are completely the same in 6 months would you be ok with that?  After all, if nothing changes...then nothing changes, right?


There is also a chance your situation could get worse. 


2)  You can scour the internet for free information and figure this out yourself.  It's possible because I took this route, but it may take years.


3)  You can follow the path of someone who has done this before and has made all the mistakes you are going to make.  I can see the pitfalls ahead and redirect you on the right path to success.


If you are REALLY READY to make some HUGE CHANGES in your life, this is the program for you!




6 Week Intensive One-on-One Coaching