Tired of NEVER knowing what's for dinner?  Mindlessly wandering the aisles of the supermarket trying to piece together meals in your head?  Do you have allergies or food sensitivities and need a more customized touch?   Or maybe you are just ready for to clean up your diet but want your food to still taste good!


In this 3 week program we start with a BONUS consultation and get crystal clear on your goals along with your personal preferences, allergies or dietary restrictions, skill level and time alotted to cook, etc. 


Taking everything into account, I design a meal plan tailored to your specific needs and deliver it to your inbox each week with a 7 day meal plan spreadsheet (complete with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks), a weekly grocery shopping list and any other tips or tricks to make your week a breeze!


You can now relax knowing that you will have a delicious and satisfying meal plan ready for you every week.  No more endless searching for recipes last minute, or walking around the grocery store trying to piece together dinner.  Not to mention the time and money you will save from wasted food and the constant scrolling to find the perfect meal.  It's all here for you!


Here's what Erin J. had to say: 


"My confidence is changing and our diet has improved.  We are eating less processed stuff and more nutritious and filling foods. The kids and husband have been onboard trying new things and are even asking for things they never would have before.  Thank you for starting us on this journey!"


Erin R. put it this way:


"OMG Jen I am just so happy right now! It was so awesome to take the stuff out of the freezer last night and wake up this am knowing what we are having for supper.

I Just feel so much more relaxed knowing I have the ingredients to make stuff and that the meals are planned!"


3 Week Customized Meal Plan Program