21 Day PB3 Challenge
  • 21 Day PB3 Challenge


    3 weeks of meals that are full of flavor, fast to prepare and will have you feeling fantastic, that's what the PB3 Challenge is all about!  Get all the details HERE.


    Imagine how it would feel to experienceall of this and more:


    • Feel more confident and comfortable in the kitchen and know what foods make you and your family feel better and more energetic!

    • Save money with an easy to follow shopping list that focuses on little to no food waste!

    • Stop relying on fast food to get you through the week, but instead have a healthy meal on the table in minutes! 

    • You only have to cook one meal for the whole family and they love it! 

    • ​You have the ability to cook a variety of meals which are new and exciting for you and your kids. You're not stuck in a rut of the same old-same old.

    • ​No more fights or negotiations with your kids to finish the food on their plate, instead they are always asking for more!

    • ​Processed foods and sugars are no longer a regular part of your family's diet!

    • ​Your kids live a healthy, vibrant life with less stomach pains, wild mood swings and hyperactivity!

    • ​Planning & prepping your family's meals is something you actually look forward to and takes only a short amount of time (about an hour a week)!




    Here's what to expect:


    Inside the 6 Modules

    • With a click of a button, get to anywhere you need to be: shopping list, video recipes, meal plan outline, facebook group, etc.  All accessible on the fly with any computer or smartphone.

    • All sessions are online and you can go at your own pace.  Repeat it again and again as you have access to it forever!

    • Access to over 45 easy and fast recipes that are packed with flavor, minus the gluten, dairy, refined sugar & other animal products that your whole family will love!

    • Shopping lists and meal plans are set up to minimize food waste and put money back in your wallet!


    Videos & Guides

    • Save tons on your grocery bills with meal planning and prep strategies that are proven & tested.

    • Join me, in my kitchen as I cook alongside you and guide you step by step.

    • You will have the confidence and resources to make healthy meals for your family every week.  Meals that they will actually love and enjoy!

    • Meal prep will no longer seem overwhelming or tedious.  Maximize your time in the kitchen, with plenty of time to enjoy life outside it. 


    Just for being part of this amazing challenge, I'm also going to give you 4 awesome bonuses completely FREE!

    All of this is immediately accessible to you at the start of the challenge!

    Raising (more) Plant Based & Gluten Free Kids  value $99

    This FREE book is loaded with tips, tricks, lunchbox ideas and recipes that are sure to please your little ones. 

    • Learn my top SECRETS that I use to get my kids to eat their veggies and LOVE it!

    • Plus 10 Easy Lunchbox ideas that will have your child the envy of their lunch table.


    21 Days of Smoothies (Recipe Book)  value $69

    Never run out of healthy smoothie ideas with this 21 Day Smoothie recipe book.  You whole family will love them!

    7​ Steps to Transition With Ease value $29


    Want to know how to really make a healthy habit and lifestyle change stick? Follow these 7 steps and you'll quickly be on the path to better health.


    Plant Based & Gluten Free Pantry Staple Checklist  value $29

    Feeling a little overwhelmed when it comes to what is or isn't GF or PB?  This reference will whip your pantry into shape in no time!  Conveniently organized to help you navigate your grocery store with ease.


    My Guarantee

    I have poured my heart and soul into the PB3 Challenge. I believe in it completely -- so much so that I would recommend it to all my family, friends and strangers in the grocery line.

    That’s why I offer a rock-solid 21-Day Guarantee. No questions asked. If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with the PB3 Challenge for any reason, I’ll refund your money.

    All I ask is that you complete the full 3 weeks of the challenge, including making the meals.

    I don't want ANYONE to miss out on this opportunity!  If a payment plan works better for you, please reach out to me at jen@plantsnotperfection.com