I NEED to Detox From Sugar and This is Why! (Join the Cleanse)

It's almost embarrassing to say it out loud. After going on one of my crash diets back in the day and later feeling completely deprived, I would binge all day on SUGAR!!

I can remember it vividly, I had just gotten done doing a version of the Atkin's Diet (eating less than 10 carbs a day)! I barely had the energy to walk up the stairs. When I finally stopped eating like that, I turned to the sweet stuff! For what seemed like days I ate nothing but sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It didn't help that I worked at a nice restaurant at the time, that gave me endless access to pastries, cakes, ice cream, cookies...talk about a toxic environment!

Now, decades later and with a nutrition certification, I still fall victim to my addictive sweet tooth. Yes, sugar is THAT addictive. More than 8x's that of cocaine!!!

It's time and I need to cleanse my body of all this sugar! How about you? If so, I welcome you to join me on my 7 Day Sugar Cleanse! And it will only cost you the price of a fancy pie (or 4 Starbucks drinks) - $25! I

In this group I'll share my personal recipes and daily tips that have helped me to slay the sugar dragon!

What you can expect:

~Kick your sugar cravings for good and have a set of tools and tricks handy if you ever need another reset.

~Feel lighter, more energetic and have less brain fog throughout your day.

~Sleep better and wake up easier.

~Daily insight, inspiration and recipes from me

~A week's worth of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are easy to make and sans sugar (all meals are also gluten and dairy free).

~A shopping list for the week.

~A meal prep guide to make your week stress free.

~Accountability and motivation from myself and other women looking to kick the sugar habit.

For more information click the link below and join me! It's ONLY $25 for a limited time. Here's to kicking those cravings!

xo Jen


Jen Rivas



Florida, United States

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