How I Leveled My Daughter's Blood Sugars in 2 Days & Skyrocketed My Energy!

My daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 3. Since then I've been on a health journey to discover the best way to eat and thrive while keeping her blood sugars level.

This is BY FAR THE BEST WAY to eat and also level out her numbers. We started our first Whole30 over 3 years ago, and have since done it twice since.

This time around, I'm tweaking it to make it more realistic and sustainable for our everyday lives. But this is for sure...her numbers literally go from a roller coaster on a line graph to a straight line for days and continues for the entire month!!

Curious? Post your questions or comments below. I

'll be putting together my own "Simply Whole for 30 Days" program shortly.

Jen Rivas



Florida, United States

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