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An Affordable Luxury Retreat for Moms

Go From Surviving to Thriving

Next Date TBD

What You Can Expect...

stressed mom luxury retreat


It's time to focus on YOU.  Finally break free from the crushing cycle of overwhelm and stress.  Escape to breathe and connect with other moms.  Learn how to side step the burnout and be the best version of you

mom retreat on site chef


Let our on-site chef wow your tastebuds with fresh and healthy cuisine as you uncover why willpower doesn't work and the real step-by-step guide to achieve any goal for good

mom burnout luxury retreat


Step into complete relaxation and enjoy daily yoga and meditation along with a 60 minute on-site spa treatment.  Discover why self care is essential and not selfish and how to do it everyday without the Mom guilt

women's holistic health productivity


Take back wasted time and learn 31+ strategies to hack your motivation and to simplify every area of your life from cooking, to traveling to kids.  Learn how to reclaim hours of your day

mom burnout stressed mom relaxation


Take home effective tools, strategies and tips that will instantly help you stay focused, organized, energetic and healthy while creating life-long relationships and accountability partners

This retreat is designed with calm and connection in mind
so space is extremely limited

From one Mom to another...

I know what its like to be suffocating under the weight of the day-to-day grind.  Feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and out of ideas on how to create the changes you really want to make in your life.


Over 9 years ago, I was a different person.  No balance in my life, a couple of anxiety attacks under my belt, and a daughter newly diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases.  

I had no other option...change became a necessity.  And I'm gonna share exactly how I did it!  

You're about to shift from simply surviving to thriving in every area of your life. 

mom burnout mom retreat mom coach

What's Included...

luxury retreat for women


Escape to the warm, relaxing climate of California for 3 Days 2 Nights at a luxury home with plenty of space to unwind

Full access to a private pool


NOT included: roundtrip airfare and shuttle to/from retreat venue

on site cook at women's retreat, healthy food for women

Meals & beverages

Personal cook on-site to prepare fresh and healthy meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wake up to a coffee/tea bar and enjoy hand selected wine varietals

Food allergies/sensitivities will be accommodated to the best of our ability


holistic health for women

Professional services

Treat yourself to a relaxing (uninterrupted) 1 hour professional spa treatment


Enjoy Morning Yoga, Breathwork,  and Meditation (optional but encouraged)

womens holistic health

personalized keepsakes

We've got everything you need to make sure you take all your new tools and skills home with you


All you need is a bathing suit, some cozy clothes and's time to THRIVE! 

Image by Ava Sol

Weekend Schedule...

subject to change


2pm -5 pm: Arrival, meet and greet

5pm -7pm: Tapas and charcuterie board, wine varietals

7pm-9pm: Discover the reasons you haven't been able to stick to your goals, why it's not your fault and the step-by-step plan that will change everything

9pm-on: Free time to chat, journal, relax or just sleep



7am-10am: Coffee and tea bar available

8am-9am: Yoga and meditation by the pool (optional)

8am-11am: Breakfast bar available, free time to get dressed and/or relax

11am-1pm: The 1 mistake we make when we slip back into unhealthy habits and how we can hack our motivation to finally make our goals attainable

1pm-3pm: Break for lunch, massages by the pool

3pm-5pm: Doing Simple Better - Strategies to simplify every area of your life and take back hours in your week to make time for what's most important

5pm-7pm: Break for dinner and small groups

7pm-9pm: "Wine down" discussion - How to avoid burnout and 7 ways you can instantly return to calm

9pm-on: Free time to chat, journal, relax or just sleep


7am-10am: Coffee and tea bar available

8am-9am: Yoga and meditation by the pool (optional)

8am-10:30am: Breakfast available, get dressed & pack

10:30am-12pm: Wrap up - The formula to follow to make sure what you learned is never forgotten


NO kids, NO work, NO laundry, NO to-do's
It's time  
You are worth it


Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 6.56.52 PM.png


Jen is a breath of fresh air when you're feeling like you're suffocating with life's worries. We know what we have to do but it all becomes so overwhelming.   


She not only helps you at the starting line but sees you through to the finish line. She will help transform your life! Just 15 minutes at a time!

Lori headshot.jpg


Jen has changed my life!  She opened my eyes to things I thought I already knew.  It's so crazy!  I am loving this new adventure.

 I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach that gets results.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 11.42_edited.j


Before I met Jen I was stressed, overwhelmed, and anxiety-ridden. And that's where Jen has saved my life in so many ways. I looked organized and together but beneath the surface I was a mess. 


Jen has made this so easy and she goes along with you on this journey. Not only has my home changed but my mindset has changed too. I love it!

Sign me up!

Pricing Options...

One time payment of $1497 click below


OR 3 automatic payments of $499 click below

Are you interested but still have questions?

Click one of the links below to direct message or email me and I'll get back to you ASAP!

FREE to THRIVE is about giving the world
the best of you...not what's left of you

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