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Healthy home-cooked meals in

less than 20 minutes!

Click the video to learn how your family's meals can be simple, easy and delicious.

The 3 Lies That Kept Me Stuck in Unhealthy Habits and Why I Created the

PB3 Challenge For You.


Lie #1  Meal Prep takes hours!

It doesn't have to take 6 hours on a Sunday, it shouldn't even take 2 hours.  My time-saving strategies  will allow you to meal prep and get on with your day!

jen in ikitchen jos.JPG

Lie #2  I need a Culinary degree

I never enjoyed cooking and wasn't really good at it either. Simple recipes, with a few key ingredients, changed everything.  Step by step videos allow me to be your guide in the kitchen. 


Lie #3  My Kids won't eat it

Reducing the addiction to processed and sugar-laden foods is a real struggle.  If I can do it, you can too.  With my best tips and tricks your kids will be loving food that is actually good for them.