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Fall is in the airrrrrrr, so I thought it would be nice to share a few Fall favorite recipes to get your kitchen smelling amazing while feeling good about what you’re serving up!

Here are 5 healthy Fall recipes that are sure to please all your little pumpkins.

Pumpkin Mac N' Cheese (GF/DF)

9 ingredients, 20 mins, 4 servings

You can't share a fun fall recipe and not start out with something...pumpkin! This dish is a fun twist on the traditional mac n' cheese by adding the savory flavor of our fall favorite.

But as a bonus it adds a boost of extra vitamins and minerals with the addition of the pumpkin puree. Check out the recipe HERE.

Cranberry Protein Cookies

6 ingredients, 20 mins, 8 servings

This simple yet delicious healthy cookie recipe can be eaten any time of the day...breakfast, snack, as healthy addition to lunch...

And with the addition of protein powder and nut butter, you get an extra punch of protein to keep you full longer. Head to the recipe by clicking HERE.

Simple Roasted Chicken

6 ingredients, 2 hrs, 8 servings

I can't rave enough about this simple yet delicious way to cook a whole chicken. It's juicy, crispy and full of flavor! The best part is that it only take minutes of hands-on time and you let the oven do the rest.

I love to save the bones and make a simple stock for soup with all the little shredded chicken leftovers...if there are any! Get started on this recipe HERE.

Spicy Sweet Potato, Turkey & Greens Bowl

10 ingredients, 25 mins, 4 servings

Now before you scoff at the greens, trust have to try this! All the flavors come together so nicely and it screams Fall!

This dish is so versatile and can be made Vegan or Vegetarian by swapping out some chickpeas for the ground turkey. Want to save some time? Chop the sweet potatoes and onion in advance and store in the fridge until you're ready to prepare. Click HERE to check it out.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie

6 ingredients, 10 mins, 2 servings

Well, if the name alone doesn't get you...I'm not sure what will. This "tastes like you're drinking a dessert" smoothie is packed with pumpkin flavor.

You can even serve it warm and top with a little whipped cream for a healthy treat for the kids! Check it out HERE.

Want more delicious, easy and healthy recipes the whole family will love? Check out my "The Simple Way to Cook" cookbook with 50+ recipes of all our favorites (all gluten and dairy free). We're talking pancakes, tacos, bread, etc.

Click HERE to see what's included!

Make sure to share with your Fall-Loving friends and comment if you try it!



If I could promise you that by using just one or two of these easy meal prep tips below you could save hours over the course of the week, would you try them?

Amy wanted to start cooking more homemade meals for her family but she was overwhelmed and didn’t consider herself a “good cook”. The second she got intimidated by a recipe’s ingredients or got a funny look from her daughter after taking a bite of her new creation, she’d throw the entire idea out the window and go back to ordering out or buying the premade meals at her local store.

Now, after working with Amy I’m proud to report that she cooks regularly for her family and has been able to find simple, healthy recipes that everyone enjoys and can be made quickly.

"Prior to working with Jen I barely knew my way around the kitchen. I lacked confidence and know-how when it came to cooking for my family. Just a few months later I feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen and understand what foods make us feel healthy and energetic!" ~Amy

These easy meal prep tips will not only save you time, but will help you build the confidence you need to keep it up over the long run. Be open-minded. Even if you’ve heard or read some of these tips before, try to apply it to your life and see how easy and fast it is to meal prep and cook healthy homemade dishes. Below, I will also share a few recipes to get the ball rolling in your favor.

But first, let’s dive in...

11 Easy Meal Prep Tips to get a healthy dinner on the table in half the time!

meal prep tips healthy dinners

1) Batch Cook

Perhaps you’ve heard of batch cooking but might not know what it means exactly. It’s simple, whenever making something that your family already likes, double or triple the recipe and save or freeze the leftovers for a quick meal later on. In other words, you are “batching” items that are already big hits.

In my house this usually looks like, tripling the pancake recipe and freezing the leftovers for a quick breakfast throughout the week. Grilling an extra package of chicken breast or making a huge batch of brown rice to use for lunches and dinners for the next few days. Another idea...doubling a muffin recipe for a healthy alternative to an on-the-go snack.

The idea is since you are already taking the time to make “X”, why not double or triple the recipe. It will take only minutes more and you will have plenty of leftovers to last all week. Huge time-saver!

2) Use 15 Minutes Windows

These small windows of opportunity can change everything when it comes to eating healthier and saving time and money.

​​Use your time-saving appliances. Blenders, food processors, rice cookers, Instant Pot, Crockpot, etc. If it’s been a while, dust them off and try a couple of new recipes and watch your saved time add up. Se bags for the week, etc. If you use this idea every week See day that’s over an hour and a half of meal prep by the end of the week!

healthy meal prep ideas time saving tips

3) Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When time is truly an obstacle, utilize the premade or precut items in your store. Things like premade rice or quinoa. Vegetables and fruits that have already been cut like zucchini, onions, mangoes or watermelon. Diced spices and herbs like cilantro, garlic or ginger. These short cuts add up to a lot of saved time in the kitchen and even though they may cost a little more, time is money. Especially when you are wanting to make the healthier choice.

4) Fresh is not Always Best

Take advantage of your frozen fruit and veggie section. Contrary to popular belief, frozen fruits and veggies are often fresher and contain more nutrients then their fresh counterparts. They are picked at the peak of ripeness where as most of your fresh produce was picked well before and had to ripen during travel from the farm to the store.

The frozen versions are also already washed, cut and trimmed for your favorite stir fry or soup, so much less time wasted on prep.

5) Subscribe and Save

Nowadays we are not lacking options when it comes to food delivery services (thank you Covid). Options like Misfits Market, ButcherBox, …. Are all great ways to save time and have your groceries delivered to your door at the frequency of your choice. Amazon also has a Grocery and Gourmet section in which you can get some of those harder-to-find items shipped directly to your door.

6) Use What You Got

​​Use your time-saving appliances. Blenders, food processors, rice cookers, Instant Pot, Crockpot, etc. If it’s been a while, dust them off and try a couple of new recipes and watch your saved time add up. See the recipes at the bottom of the post for some ideas.

time saving tips meal prep tips family favorite chart

7) Stop Wondering What’s For Dinner

Create a Family’s Favorite Chart (click to download pdf). This helps organize everyone’s favorites on one convenient piece of paper and will help with future meals, lunches, or snacks. Tried a new dish that went over well? Found a vegetable that your kids will actually eat? Add it to the chart!

Leave it in plain sight like the side of your fridge or on the inside of a cabinet. So when you need some inspiration or a reminder of what to grab from the store, you’re list is right there.

8) Try a Grazing Platter

To eliminate constant snacking, and the constant interruption of your time and focus (hello, stay at home or work from home mamas!) try making a Grazing Platter. Chop up fresh fruits, veggies and other healthy finger foods and put them on a large platter in the center of the kitchen. Having it in plain sight will encourage healthier snacking and also reduce your time going back and forth to grab something for you or the kids (Hint: make sure there are things that they like and also a couple new things for them to try).

9) Use the Re-order Option

Do you like using helpful apps like Instacart, or order your groceries through the Order and Pickup with stores like Sams Club, Walmart or Target? Well first, if you’re should! It’s a huge time-saver and since you are picking it up you save on the delivery tip.

What makes this an even bigger time-saver is how simple they make it to “reorder” some of your most popular shopping items. When I hop on, it takes me just minutes because I have the majority of the items I need right there from my last order...eggs, check, almond milk, check, avocados, spinach, ground get the idea.

Schedule a time that works in your schedule and they will personally deliver it right to your car door...heck, they even pack your car at most stores. I’m here for it.

spice bible what spices should i use time saving tips

10) The Spice Bible

One major stumbling block for moms is the confusion and overwhelm when it comes to spices and what to add to what. I get it, I was just as confused. That’s why I created the Spice Bible to help myself and now you navigate this crazy world of spices and simplify what goes best with what. Here I'll share the part about flavors around the globe and what best pairs with what. This alone will save you tons of time scrolling for ideas.

11) Jumpstart the Habit

Sometimes the overwhelm of starting is the hardest part of eating and cooking cleaner. Try hiring a nutritionist or health coach to create a customized meal plan or a sign-up for a subscription like HelloFresh or BlueApron for you to get the ball rolling.

So are you ready to shave off tons of time cooking and meal prepping for the family? What are you waiting for...try one of these tips today.

And as promised here are a few of my family's favorites that I like to batch cook every time!

Amazing Pork Carnitas in Your Crock Pot

Gooey Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (Gluten and Dairy Free)

Easy Flaxseed Muffins that are Packed With Fiber

Happy cooking!



time saving tips for our phones

The Addiction is Real

“Mom. Mommm, hello? Mommmmmmm, gosh...can you stop looking at your phone!”

I’m so guilty of this and I bet you can relate to this exchange of words from someone close to you too.

The reality is that these small rectangles that we carry with us everywhere are addictive and it’s only getting worse.

In a very recent study, they found that we check our phones on average 58 times a day and spend almost 4 hours a day staring at that little screen!

So how do you spend less time on your phone and make it work for you not against you?

11 Time-Saving Tips That You Should Try and How to Use Your Phone to Work for You

I have tested and used these time-saving strategies along with many of my clients. I’m confident they will help you save time and, (as a bonus) be more present in the moment with your loved ones.

time saving tips don't use your phone in the morning

1). Don’t Touch Your Phone for the First 30 minutes After you Wake up

Ok, you've probably heard this one before. But have you tried it?

When we wake up to our phones, we start our day from a place of “reaction” as opposed to a place of “intention”. We find ourselves worrying about that work email, comparing ourselves to our friend who apparently had the most amazing family vacation, or getting stressed out at our lengthy list of reminders or to-do’s.

Apart from the tendency to put us in the wrong mindset, our phone and all it’s shiny apps are designed to suck us into the vortex of scrolling and before we know it 20 minutes have gone by and we need to get the kids up! Give your mind and body the space it needs in the morning to start with focus and direction. Oh, and get the kids to school on time.

2). Turn off Your Notifications

These notifications are constant distractions and since the average person touches their phone every 6 minutes, it’s a trap we often fall in to.

It’s been studied that it can take us up to 20 minutes to get back on task after being distracted. And since we are constantly checking our phones, these distractions can add up to over 3 hours of wasted time a day! What could you do with an extra 3 1/2 hours a day?

These apps are vying for your attention. So let’s start with the first line of defense...Turn off those damn notifications.

Need a little help? Check out this link for a step-by-step guide and some additional tips.

3). Move Your Distracting Apps

If Tip #2 isn’t enough...Move any distracting apps a few pages deep on the face of your cell phone. Just seeing those little beckoning notifications can be too hard for us to resist sometimes and lead us down a rabbit hole of wasted time.

Simply hold down on your app of choice and keep sliding it over until you are pages deep and have to go searching for it to check your updates. I was shocked at how much this little hack helped keep me off of my time-sucking apps and made me much more productive.

4). Remove the Culprit From the Room

As a work-from-home Mom, I find it can help to physically remove your phone from the room you're working in. Sometimes the distraction from the vibration, the light flicker after a notification or ding is too much for you to resist.

5). Turn it Off

Here’s a crazy idea...turn your phone off or at least put it on “airplane mode”. I know, I can cause a little anxiety, especially as a mama because we always have to be available in the event there’s an emergency or one of our kids needs us.

But you can allow certain numbers to ring through even in the event that airplane mode is on, this way you can rest easy while being more productive.

time saving tips block your time

6). Block Your Time

Speaking of being more productive, let’s share some ways in which these little devices can help us save more time and be more efficient when it comes to our busy lives.

Use your phone as a timer. Set 10/30/60 minute timers and give yourself this undistracted time to meal prep, read to your kids, fold a load of laundry, etc. When the timer goes off, simply stop to take a 5-10 minutes break and then you can repeat this process with another project or to-do.

By using these small blocks of time, you are more likely to stay focused, engaged and efficient in your efforts. You'll be amazed at how much more you will be able to get done!

7). Utilize Your Calendar

Utilize your digital calendar such as Google Calendar, to write out all your upcoming events and daily to-do’s. Check it once or twice daily to keep abreast of what’s going on that day.

This saves you tons of time from fumbling through your texts and emails for that date and time you can't remember. As an added bonus, I started typing in the address of the event in my calendar which also saved me time.

8). Sync Your Calendars

My guess is that you’re not the only one with things to do in your household. Coordinate and sync your calendar with other family members to keep track of your family’s schedule and not double